Thursday, January 10, 2008

Investigative Journalism Reveals Celebrities & Politicians May Indeed Be Human!

THIS IS AN ALL POINTDEXTER BULLETIN TO SCIENTISTS EVERYWHERE: Of late, domestic and foreign media have been gathering evidence supporting the notion that Hilary Clinton, among others, may indeed NOT be a robot from outer space sent to distract us whilst we are slowly and slyly domesticated and trained to serve deep space alien species of superior intellect hastily making their way to earth.

Recent 'actions' by current Presidential pre-candidate Hilary Clinton have so closely mimicked human emotion, that many speculate she may indeed be one of us! Further investigation by well respected media outlets everywhere has uncovered numerous clips of similar 'emotional' footage of political public figures. This has many scratching their heads in shock. The scientific community has known for many years the devastating effect of celebrity mayhem on society. The gentle public is but a kitten distracted by Britney Spears' shiny trinkets of baldness and custody battles. Such distractions prompted the re-release of model A-L Gore1 (short for algorithm--aren't we jocular?!) into public office to champion environmentalism, thereby cooling Earth and reducing the desires of deep space alien species' of superior intellect to relocate here.

More research must be done in order to conclude conclusively, whether or not these so-called politicians are robot or human. If robot, we must invest in new detection devices and processes, as well as mass public notification systems. If proven human, then we as a species must examine ourselves deeply, in order to preserve our place on this planet...

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